…. We opened phase 2 this afternoon!  Come and visit us soon, it won’t be a secret for long!



We’re almost ready!…

We’re really pleased to let you know that we will soon be opening the second phase of the playground, and thought you might like a little insight into where further adventures will begin…

DSC_0832We have a wonderful new entrance into the playground, over a new boardwalk and bridge, bringing you straight into the new central area of the playground, where the train station, kiosk and toilets are located.   



(Due to circumstances beyond our control, however, we’re afraid it will be a little longer before the toilets and kiosk will open. We are doing everything we can to resolve this matter, and do hope that the wait will not be too long).


The new train station will be open, so train rides will start in this central area too, and take you on a journey to see the whole playground…

DSC_0965There is more play equipment, with a little more water…


A little more fun…

DSC_0707   DSC_0246

DSC_0972   DSC_0975

and a little more space to simply relaxDSC_0330 

DSC_0228    DSC_0245

Within this phase, the play equipment has a much lighter footprint than the play offer in phase 1. This is because we wanted to keep a balance between retaining the natural feel of what was historically a ‘pleasure ground’. enjoyed mainly for relaxing, and the introduction of more natural play.  As you explore further away from the central area, play ‘equipment’ may not be quite so obvious, but still offers plenty of opportunities to play and have fun, in more imaginative ways….


Watch this space for our opening date!

Opening update…

There’s a real buzz in the playground at the moment, everyone is working really hard to get the first phase ready for opening.  We know you’re all as excited about the playground reopening as we are, here’s a quick update …

The playground will be opening over 2 phases, with the first phase opening at the end of this month! (eeek! 🙂 )  This phase includes lots of new and exciting play equipment, and covers much of the original playground area.  The train will also be open, and will run from the existing train station.  (We hope you understand, but whilst we are opening part of the playground at the end of the month, there will still be a lot of construction happening at the far end of the site.  Therefore, with the sound of rumbling plant equipment in the background, the playground may not be as peaceful as we would like just yet, but it will be worth the wait!)

The second phase will open in early summer.  This phase will include further play equipment, new train station, kiosk, and the long awaited toilets!  Plus, there will also be a wonderful new entrance over the river, via a new bridge and boardwalk.  We can’t wait!